Measure, don't guess

Things about language can be measured scientifically.
I'llĀ help you do just that.


Use me as a virtual writing coach. Set up a habit of daily writing and let me keep an eye on you. I'll track your consistency and give feedback on various quantitative measures.

Look up

I've read huge amounts of text in several languages. What I've learned is documented in the graph-based dictionary. Look up word forms, frequencies and related words.


My word games are actually online versions of psycholinguistic experiments. While helpingĀ researchers, you get feedback about your language knowledge and how it compares with others.

Your dictionary

Create your own dictionary by entering word data. Or, if you can give me a decent amount of text to read, I can create the dictionary for you.

Custom experiments

If you need specific data, let's talk about custom experiments. Currently I can present visual stimuli, measure reaction times and record audio.


It's free to play games and consult the dictionary. Writer functionality costs 60 eur/month, with a 30-day risk-free trial. Ask for a quote on custom games and dictionary creation.